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Price : (USD) $22.17 (Fixed)
Type : PPE For Sale
Date : September 22, 2020
Quantity : 5M per week plus
Stock Location : N/A
Lead Time (Days) : 3-5 DAYS
Min. Order Quantity. (MOQ) : 5M per week
Location : 77 South Broadway, Aurora, IL, USA

LOWEST REAL PRICE.  If you want to STOP wasting time traveling to OTG or talking to OTG offers with ZERO results, then Make one call/leave a message.  

$22.17 indicative quote 300ct Boxes of Cranberry (and other brands) delivered by AIR.  NO ONE can touch this price.  If you are prepared to be Vetted and Sign NCNDA then come forward.  After the vetting and NCNDA you will get a call from SELLER direct to set up a time for CC with Seller, Logistics/exported, and MANUFACTURER.  NO OTHER COMPANY DOES THIS.  The terms are very favorable and fair 10% show of good faith 90% on Delivery.  LARGER ORDERS ONLY 5M per week and above. 

THERE ARE NO BROKERS INVOLVED.  I work for the Seller and just do some DD and NCNDA, then turn it over.  That’s it.  If you want to tell me about your PRIVATE JETS and HOW YOU ARE THE LARGEST BUYER IN EUROPE, that would only waste our time. Irrevocable LC Divisible, transferable, and Revoving 



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