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Health Canada NPN Registered Hand Sanitizer available in litres, 4L, 20L, drums, or totes. Next day shipment

Date : July 17, 2020

We are selling for between 3-4/L based on volume. Next day shipping.

Made with 70% USP food-grade Ethanol.

Using food grade glycerine, dries quickly and leave a nice smooth hand feel.

Nice Peppermint fragrance to mask the alcohol smell.

Recommended use or purpose: Antiseptic (skin) topical cleanser HAND SANITIZER. Duration of use: For occasional and personal domestic use.

Made in Canada & Registered with Health Canada NPN #80099404.

Dimachem HAND SANITIZER GEL is a quick-drying, lightly thickened, pale blue gel, with a fresh peppermint fragrance; formulated and manufactured with 70% USP food-grade ethanol alcohol. Conveniently sold in a breakaway box, suitable for a countertop point of sale display, each box contains 24 x 60mL units of Dimachem Hand Sanitizer Gel. Each individual 60mL bottle has a UPC code to facilitate point of sale scanning. Manufactured in an ISO-certified Canadian facility, our formula is based on public health published formulas (Health Canada Natural Product Number 80099404). Dimachem Hand SANITIZER GEL is available on in 4L jugs and 946mL flip-top cap bottles. Dimachem HAND SANITIZER BLEND #1 which is thin liquid that can be sprayed on hands, door handles, shopping carts, dry goods, or packages is also available on in 4L jugs and 946mL spray bottles.



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