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  • AOP-KF N95
  • AOP-KF N95
  • AOP-KF N95
  • AOP-KF N95
  • AOP-KF N95
Price : (USD) $2.45 (Fixed)
Type : PPE For Sale
Date : May 19, 2021
Quantity : 500 000
Stock Location : Hong Kong
Lead Time (Days) : OTG
Min. Order Quantity. (MOQ) : 25200
Location : Hong Kong

We distribute a Face Mask that uses a patent called SOLID ALKALI.

SOLID ALKALI offers a slow release of Chlorine Dioxide over a 7 day period and our face masks offer the following benefits:

  1. CE Certified as FFP2
  2. Can be worn for 7 days and will kill viruses and bacteria for 7 days
  3. The material used is protected by a USA patent
  4. Many Anti-Viral reports
  5. Complete 7 day study done by Modderfontein Lab in South Africa
  6. Each Mask comes in a re-sealable aluminium sleeve
  7. Our packaging and design is suitable for retail shops such as chemists or other shops in singles or packs of 10 if required.
  8. We also cater for large distribution in packaging of 50’s

Our Test Reports


  1. As a PPE product, we have conducted many test reports
  2. VFE (Viral Filtration Efficiency)
  3. BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)
  4. VFE and BFE over a 7 day period while being used.

Please note that our tests are way above average and although we applied for N95 and FFP2 certification our test results are actually equal to N99 and FFP3 standards.


  1. Modderfontein Laboratories is a testing lab that outsources its service to large international corporations. They do not have much of a public or internet profile but have existed since 1974. It is a large 6000 square meter facility that can offer unmatched services. They were tasked with a 7-day Anti-Viral test for our product. These tests were repeated 4 times, a total of 4 continuous weeks and the results remained phenomenal.
  2. Our product remains Sterile for a period of 7 days.
  3. We have confirmation that our Mask also kills Covid-19!



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